Black Light: An In-Depth Knowledge

There is a hidden world that exists directly before your eyes.

Are you familiar with black light technology? Surely you’ve seen it on television during the crime investigation scenes, or at the science museums, or Halloween parties. Black lights are similar to any other fluorescent lamp when they are turned off. They do something different when they are turned on.

If you are around a dark light, you may notice that anybody wearing white is glowing somewhat brighter. So, do you ever wonder how these black lights work? The science behind UV black lights can explain.

UV Blacklight 

You are presumably familiar with Ultraviolet (UV) light by the sun and its effect on your skin. It comes into different types, including UVA, UVC, or UVB. UVB is the UV rays produced by the sun and is harmful to your skin. UVA is the UV light produced by UV blacklight and is far less harmful.

If you turn on a dark light in a dim room, the primary thing you’ll likely notice is that the light is not black. A black-light gleams a blue-purplish color.

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Discover it yourself!

Expose any of the following under the black light and you will notice a purplish glow.

  • white T-shirt
  • invisible hand stamp,
  • Invisible black light chalk
  • Your teeth and fingernails

That glow is the glow of phosphors, a substance that emits light when exposed to radiation. It converts invisible black light into visible light.

The Two Types of Black Light Bulbs

There are two different types of black light bulbs, yet both work in a similar way:

  • Incandescent blacklight- similar to a standard light bulb
  • Tube blacklight -similar to a fluorescent bulb

So, Where Do We Use BlackLights?

Phosphors are everywhere like your TV screens, paints, plastics, teeth, and fingernails. Other than that are things found in the office like highlighters.

Crime Scene Investigators use UV black lights to investigate crime scenes! They use fluorescent dust that sticks to fingerprints and cast the black light to reveal the fingerprint.

To confirm the authenticity of bills, blacklight pens are used. Also, antique appraisers use it to detect forgeries.

Bars, clubs, sports events, concert venues, and amusement parks use fluorescent hand stamps and dark lights for readmission.

People also use black lights to have fun! From Halloween gatherings to neon-lit raves, black lights make an exceptional kaleidoscope of color. Fluorescent body paint and cosmetics can make a party more fascinating.

Do you also want to have fun? You can arrange a black light or UV party for your friends or even your officemates. You can use an office party room and conduct a bright and artistic party that everyone will surely enjoy.