Brandon Webb: A Man Of Valor In Combat Becomes A Successful Entrepreneur

Brandon Webb Navy SealBrandon Webb is a man with a brave heart. He had started his life journey without his parents guiding him at the early age of sixteen. During that time, Brandon had finished High School and joined the US Navy to become a Navy Seal. Not all of us has all the bravery of him. He never thinks that he was too young and has no capability of doing so. But, he has the determination of making his goal achieving that made Brandon Webb Navy Seal. He entered the life of a Navy Seal with a permanent assignment. In the year 1997, Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL package was approved and completed the training.

The life of Brandon as a Seal

Being a Seal is never easy, only selected ones that have the special abilities to be one of the originals. He became an instructor of a class of sniper cell and produced finest and deadliest hitmen. Not anyone can have this kind of ability, which made him a promising Navy Seal. Webb never stops on his journey in the military. In fact, he had four deployments in the Middle East that made him marked in the history. It is obvious that military life is always risky. No one knows if they can come back after deployed in the battlefield. So, military life is very promising, being a peacekeeper is not just an ordinary job but a risky one. So, it is only for valor. This made Brandon feels successful like he has nothing to ask for. Now, it is his turn again to pursue as a Seal or not, which made him decide of leaving Navy World.

Brandon Webb Navy Seal

A successful entrepreneur fights  

Not all entrepreneurs are successful in their first venture. In fact, some of them failed much time but did not give up. Just the same of what had happened to Brandon, he fails at his first venture. With that, he feels empty because nothing has left to him. He thinks of the future of his children, which made him still stand strong. After the failure of his business, he can’t find himself. But when his lawyer talked to him justifying that failing is not in the image of Brandon. In fact, quitting doesn’t exist in his personality which made Brandon cheered up and realized of fighting back. So, he lands a job at a defense company in San Diego that made his start another savings. He used the savings to land business and enter entrepreneurship for the second time around. This time, he becomes successful that made him published several books documenting his life.