Carter Boyle Duke Provides An Insight On The Importance Recreational Activities

In the simplest terms, recreation basically refers to an activity of body and mind that provides people relief from fatigue and tension. Carter Boyle Duke says that participation in such activities is important for all, and especially for college-going students. As these students study for long hours on a daily basis, they tend to be often overcome by a high level of mental strain and fatigue. Recreational activities offer students with the relief they desire from such strains, and restores their energy to a great extent. Recreational also promotes a sense of joy and satisfaction among students as well, as they get to engage in activities that truly interest them.

 The Importance Recreational Activities

Carter Boyle Duke sheds light on the need for recreational activity participation

Without adequate recreation, the life of people would end up being too dull and miserable. This is especially true for students, as they often need a positive outlet that distracts them from the high academic pressure they have to face. Carter Boyle Duke stays that college students should consider recreational activities to be more time-using than time consuming, as they ultimately help in improving their life in general. By participating in recreational activities people tend to become healthy physically and mentally, and experience a growth in their social skills as well.

Taking part in recreational activities can be quite helpful in ensuring their good mental health and wellbeing, and play a major role in enabling them to stay happy and contented. Students who do not have any hobby are often drab and dull, with smiles that do not quite reach their eyes. College students mostly study to get good grades and pass their examinations, they; however, do not engage in these activities for their own desire. They, however, take up a hobby or participate in a recreational sport out of their own free will, and not because of any mandate. Students typically choose activities to participate in that gives them the most happiness and contentment. It provides them with a refreshing change from the drab world of academics, and helps them to renew their energy.  There, in fact, a number of research that suggests that recreational activities and participation in sports can influence the happiness level of a person in a positive fashion.

The concept of work-life balance can be applied to the life of students studying in colleges as well. These individuals also need to properly balance out their academics and recreational activities in order to enjoy holistic growth and development. Recreational activities can help students to be truly satisfied mentally with their lives, and provide them with a sense of contentment that academic learning alone cannot.

Carter Boyle Duke mentions that recreational activities also help students to learn new skills that can ultimately benefit them later on in life. Learning a new activity is always a positive thing, as people may never know when any task might come useful. Recreational activities give students the chance to explore new domains, and expand their horizons.