DIY edible school supplies – tricks and pranks

Children will be all excited about going back to school. Getting a new bag, books, pouches, colors etc. is all fun to them. And it will be more fun to study with edible school supplies with a lot or tricks and pranks. Here are few for you to try:

School office supplies

Tricks and pranks for School supplies

  1. Edible crayons: All you need is some galantine, jelly colors, thick straws, duct tape and scissors. Start by fixing the tape on bottom of the straws so as to ensure that the jelly does not flow out. Start making the jelly now. Take a pan, add 100 ml of water, ½ tea spoon of gelatin and 1 tbspn of flavoured jelly. You can also add some condensed milk to make it more tasty or add some food color for more thick colours. Mix the ingredients well and let it boil. Remove from flame 30 secs after boiling. Now pour the mixture into the straw. Make as many colours as you want and put them into the fridge for 6 hours to set. Now remove the jelly by squeezing the other side of the straw and the jelly glides smoothly. Now trim it inot the shape and size of the crayon.
  2. Pencil shavings: use some hazel nuts and shave it slightly. Now put it into your pencil sharpener and sharp it like a pencil. The outcome just looks exactly like pencil shavings.
  3. Eraser pens: By replacing the marsh sticks with the eraser stick in the eraser pen, you make another edible supply. All you have to do is trim the marsh sticks to look exactly like the easer stick and let it to set. Now try and put it in the eraser pen. It is so easy to make and it also glides smoothly like a normal eraser.
  4. Take some pencils that have an eraser on the back and cut the eraser out. You might have to dig in to remove the rest of the eraser. Now take some roller gum and cut a piece of it. Now roll the gum as tightly as you can slowly try to fit it into the eraser space. Now pat it slightly on the sides and on the top so that it looks just like a normal eraser.
  5. Edible markers: You need food writer pens that are used to decorate cakes. So, what you do is, colour the marker with a color similar to the color markers and decorate it just the way the actual markers are. Now take some Kool aid artificial color and mix some water with it. Dip the tip of the marker in the mixture to give it a look of the marker. And that’s it… Your edible marker is ready.