Dock Square Parking Garage Offers Systematic Parking Facilities to Boston Residents and Visitors

Boston is the most populous city present in the New England region of the United States. Much like any other densely populated urban city, Boston also suffers from the problems of traffic congestion and inadequate parking space on the streets. To meet the ever-increasing car parking demands and concerns of Boston residents and visitors, the grand Dock Square Parking Garage has been developed. Lying in the prominent Clinton Street area of Boston, this establishment features adequate space to park more than six hundred cars.

Dock Square Parking Garage: An Advanced Parking Facility in Boston

Parking garages are considered to be an integral element of contemporary urban centers. The popularity of these establishments has especially boosted steadily over the last couple of decades with the increase in the number of cars on the roads. The Dock Square Parking Garage is considered to be one of the most prominent parking facilities in the United States and offers systematic and secure parking facilities to discerning Boston visitors and residents.  It is a covered parking garage, and hence after parking their vehicle in this establishment people can ensure the safe of their cars from turbulent weather conditions like snowfall, rainfall, and high winds. Unlike many unsafe Boston streets, the cars parked at this establishment also do not suffer from the risks of being stolen or vandalized.

The rates of the Dock Square Garage are quite affordable, and hence people can easily park their cars there without incurring any high expense.  Parking cars here can also help Boston visitors to avoid high parking fines and tickets. The parking tickets issued in Boston can range from $25 to as high as $120, and therefore can put a quite a bit of dent in the pockets of people.  To avoid such fines, people should park their cars in facilities like the Dock Square Garage, and not on the Boston roads.

The Dock Square Parking Garage was developed in the year of 1979, and over the years has provided a great help to Boston residents and visitors. It has especially become a go-to place for people visiting Boston in their car and searching for a good and safe parking facility in the city. The fact that this parking garage is located near to some of the most important landmarks and historic resources of Boston makes it a highly favorable option for people visiting the city for sightseeing. The Custom House Tower, Blackstone Block, and the Quincy Market are located quite close to the Dock Square Garage. It even enjoys good proximity to the Orpheum Theater, TD Garden and the Boston City Hall.

The New York-based Fortis Property Group additionally has proposed the construction of residential units on the top of this garage. On the June of 2019, the Boston Planning and Development Agency approved the redevelopment of this garage.  After the completion of this proposed project, more than two hundred condos would be available at the top of the garage. 27 of those condos have also been designated as income-restricted.  This redevelopment construction would also include an expansive ground-floor residential lobby.