Meet Trusted Requirements to Make Custom Mooncake Gift Box

custom mooncake gift box

The age-old culture of exchanging gifts between friends and family have not changed over the years. It is true that good gift choices can light up anyone’s day and therefore, one needs to take care of the packaging of the gift box carefully. Therefore, a good gift packing also implies top marketing which can be quite beneficial for meeting people’s desires. Several cookie brands and gift shops have brought forth a new idea in the custom mooncake gift box that is widely available in the market and is making a dynamic shift in the corpus of gifts.

What is It

Many people could be wary after hearing such a peculiar gift box name, but there is something that the name simplifies. Such a gift box is a unique and outstanding variant that originated from the Chinese pastry called a mooncake. Traditionally savored during the time of the Mid-autumn Festival, one can check into to find a wide reach of mooncake gift box for the Chinese festivities and the grand thanksgiving in the United States.

The chocolate and cookie brands are designing their custom mooncake gift boxes by using a simple cardboard frame with a simple packaging technique so that it can easily contain four cakes of different variants and flavors at once. The mooncake boxes are designed to meet the intricate design and aesthetics of a gift, which in turn, can be easily useful to be stored individually and also take shape in brightly colored small boxes.

custom mooncake gift box


A mooncake gift box must not be confused for a regular gift pack because it involves the best quality printing techniques that must be sufficiently used for giving the gift box the form of a moon-shaped like a pastry. Some of the following ways useful are –

  • The box must come with a spot-varnish that helps imprint the full-color print for the cakes alongside the untainted brand name
  • The matte foil print is beneficial for giving the box the shape like a moon arc.
  • The area around the box where the moon is drawn must come with a decorative blind embossing.
  • To complete the whole ensemble design, the box must come with a glossy foil tamping for the mooncake stars and animal prints.
  • The digital print on the box must be ensured with polypropylene trays that make the deciding feature of a mooncake box.

Bottom Line

It must be noted that a mooncake box is an ensemble print of animated design to increase the aesthetic effect of a gift packaging. The great packaging which inclines on design appeals to the customer to make a quick purchase for their loved ones. It is also true that the form of a beautiful package can mesmerize towards accelerating brand awareness and gift-ready product perfection, suiting to any birthday party or quintessential ceremonies of the fat kind.