Oppose Racism With Black Lives Matter Songs

Everyone knows about the racism history that used to prevail in society many years back. However, it is still prevalent in some parts, making it a sad reality. Cease Racism is an initiative and also an anti-racism brand that designs apparels related to the issue. Cease racism is a strong believer in diversity and culture. They celebrate language, sex, colour, gender, age, religion or even beliefs without any discrimination. To promote the same mentality in people, cease racism is a voice for those whose stories have remained unfair and unsaid.

Cease racism donates to organizations that fight for the rights of black and ones excluded from society. The more people in this cause, the more strong will be the work output of cease racism. You can purchase from Cease Racism and be a part of this noble movement. Many such apparels and black lives matter songs are a part of the cease racism program to oppose racism. If you don’t know the history of racism, read the article completely.

History of racism

The US has a long history of racism which made many black lives suffer. From the middle of the 19th century to the 21 century were the tragic years. The tension rose in the following years in the United State. More than 4000 cases of lynching were evidence of anti-black violence at that time. The Colfax massacre was the brutal racial violence ever recorded in the area at that time. The political tensions rose so much that 150 African Americans died in the process.

The history seemed to fail again against the black women and men. Many such events and occurrences like the Emmitt till, black wall street, false accusations and more is evidence of the sufferings of the blacks in the US. Police brutality also couldn’t be ignored, resulting in the illegal use of force towards the blacks.

End racism

The black lives matter songs and other services by Cease Racism need the participation of many people to give a perfect worth. Now that you have an idea about the history of black lives in the US, it is time you fight for the right. When browsing the official site of cease racism, you will get to learn more regarding the topic for example, what does the bible say about racism and more.

Some amazing products from Cease racism are shirts with slogans against racism, masks, bags and more supporting anti-racism. It is time that you buy such products and contribute to the noble cause.