People and their destructive habits

As time goes on and as man continues to expand progress, it also results in the continuous loss of many biodiversities at an alarming rate. We continue to leech from the earth giving little to nothing in return. As soon as we realize it, it might be too little too late. We might have already lost countless species which we can never bring back and the thought of it is frightening.

We as a specie continue to grow and expand without even thinking the slightest as to what the repercussions are if we continue on this destructive path without repairing the damage we are doing. A lot of biodiversities are beginning to dwindle mostly because of man-made pollution. We can actually put an end to this if we think about it. There are plenty of biodiversity loss solutions possible to stop this destruction from continuing.

Biodiversity loss solutions

Why do we play a big role in the destruction?

Well, there are some natural cases that play a role in biodiversity loss but not more so than us, we are responsible for climate change, which greatly affects the vast majority of biodiversity here on earth. We pollute everywhere, EVERYWHERE. On land, air, and water. These habitats are becoming more and more unliveable because of the pollution and the ones that once thrive there are slowly dying off or don’t have anywhere else to go. We tend to destroy ecosystems and habitats for our own personal development as species. Examples of these are mining and deforestation. Thousands of species are left homeless. Even some of our hobbies are as destructive such as recreational hunting, collecting and killing for demand of traditional medicine which already led to the extinction of a few species; we are never going to see the likes of them ever again. How big is the role we play you might ask? Well, the estimated loss of species is estimated to be 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural rate if we humans aren’t around.

The impact of biodiversity loss

Loss of one biodiversity is like setting the wheel of destruction in motion. Series of chain events will follow since all biodiversities depend on each other to thrive. Loss of one biodiversity will most probably affect the next one directly dependent on it and so on and so forth until everything is in chaos. It will have a huge impact on the food chain as well as every ecosystem that surrounds it. We humans unknowingly are very dependent on these biodiversities for our most basic needs, food, shelter and clothing. Although most of the time we do not realize how much we rely on nature for these very important needs.

Loss of biodiversity will ultimately lead to the extinction of our species as well if we do not put an end to it. Being aware of our carbon footprint is good. At least we can help lessen the destruction of nature. It is vital that we realize this and give back to nature. Nature continues to provide our needs but for how long? If we won’t stop the consumption without giving back, nature will eventually stop providing. Let us take care of our environment, our ecosystems, and ourbiodiversities so as all of us living on the earth will  prosper.