Prevent a health hazard the easy way!

Prevention is better!

            The birds are a favorite species of living beings to humans and many are so attached to birds that they even keep them at home as pets and take care of them very well. The pet keepers have an immense responsibility to keep the houseclean as well as the bird droppings are scientifically proven to be causing infections and diseases if allowed to stay long in human dwelling areas. Just like this, the areas where the common birds come together are also prone to be causing such sicknesses due to the droppings and in order to prevent this health hazard; one must install the bird spikes and be assured of health safety.

Salient features:

            The devices are easy to install and are very safe for the birds as well as for the people. They can be installed on the terraces, on water gutters, on the window sills, grills and every other place where there is a spot for birds to come and sit and make nests for laying eggs. The bird’s prevention installation will prevent bird droppings from landing on the open spaces n the top of the buildings where people use. They will make their nests and thus they will bring about new diseases due to infection and infestation. They are tied to the posts, to windows, and to gutters from the top of the buildings.

bird spikes

For all places:

            The devices can be tied with the help of zip ties and can be attached to any place such as concrete floor, on metal grills, on pipes, on cables and many other places. It can be used on playgrounds for children, in houses, in public places as well. The devices can be attached with glue also which will fix them in place easily and securely. It can be attached on pergolas in gardens, in the patios in front of the house or the back yards; it can be also installed on wooden frames or wooden beams and more.

Great service!

            The brand is very much focused on the service of the customers and is very committed to their customers when it comes to installation, or after sales service. You can contact them through their customer support agents and are very prompt to respond to their queries and doubts. It can be installed on pipes, on the cctv cameras and any other place that you can think that they are points where the birds will come and occupy.

Very innovative!

            The bird spikes are a great invention which is a very innovative product and are very user friendly, and it is safe and no damaging chemicals are used and are an essential product of the times.