Signs Of A Well-Fitted Rug For Your Horse

The horse needs to wear a well-fitted rug. An ill-fitted one can slip, causing damages and injuries, both to the rug and the horse. Ensure that the rug is fitted perfectly on the horse’s withers and shoulders so that the animal can run without slipping it. In this article, we will guide you through buying the perfect rug for your beautiful four-legged friend.

Fitting a horse rug

Horses come in different shapes and sizes. Hence it becomes essential to measure them correctly and then buy the perfect stable rugs. Here are a few tips that can help you find that perfectly fitting rug, you were searching for:

  • Check the straps of the rug; it should be tight enough to hold the rug without causing discomfort to the animal. Very tight straps can cause pressure points on the animal’s body, which can be very painful for the animal.

Well-Fitted Rug For Your Horse

  • Fasten the cross surcingles in such a way that a hand can fit between it and the horse’s body. It will ensure that the horse will not get its legs stuck in the surcingles in case it lies down. This fitting is ideal and comfortable for the horse.
  • The leg straps should also have a hand’s width maintained between it and the horse’s thighs. Tie the straps properly so that it is kept out of the way. If the straps are too long, then the horse can step on it and fall. On the other hand, if the straps are small, they might rub against one another and restrict the horse’s movement.
  • The front and the back of the rug should be positioned correctly. The front should sit 2-4 inches in front of the wither, and it should reach the top of the tail when the horse stands in a grazing position. In case the rug doesn’t sit properly, it can cause a lot of injuries to the horse.

It is essential to fit the rugs on your horse correctly to make them feel comfortable and protected. With the best fitting rug, they would also be able to perform their best. Take proper measurements of your horse before going out to buy the rug. Also, proper maintenance is essential; check the fittings of the rugs daily. Clean it regularly, air dry it, and make sure it is not wet before putting it on your horse.