There are certain basic needs people enjoy today that are unsuspectingly costly. Aside from the monetary value we pay for them, there are hidden prices to pay for them. What are these basic needs I’m talking about? Well, they’re our transportation, food, and electricity we use at home. You’re probably thinking that because they’re basic needs, they’re worth whatever cost they command.

Unfortunately, once you find out the price all humans and animals pay, it might be worth to take a second look on how you consume. By no means am I saying to completely abandon these basic needs, that would be impossible of course. It might just be beneficial to re-evaluate how we use these items.

air pollution

The Expensive Cheap Food People Eat

Human ingenuity has managed to produce an abundant amount of food. It used to be that people would find it difficult to hit their daily caloric need. But, in a lot of places today, obesity seems to be a problem. The food is also very inexpensive. Fast food chains serve full meals in such a convenient manner. However, this is actually one of the causes of air pollution and land deforestation. The more demand people have of fast food, the more land is needed for cattle and other livestock. Whenever people clear out trees it affects the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide circulating across the world.

The Unhealthy Way of Going to Work

Taking a car every day to work might seem like the fastest way to get there, but it’s actually doing damage to the environment. Imagine, if everyone takes their own vehicle not only will it cause traffic, but the amount of gas released into the air will pollute it even further. One idea is to either take more public transportation to work or carpool with a friend. You don’t have to completely eliminate the idea of taking your own car, but it’s just about keeping it in moderation.

Having Earth Hour Every Day

If you’re not familiar, Earth Hour is the global phenomenon when people turn off their lights for just one hour on a specific day of the year. But, why just do it on one day when you can do it more? Conserving electricity is a great way to minimize your impact on the environment. The less you use, the less energy and fossil fuels are burned to keep up with your lifestyle.