There used to be a time when to be famous you would either have to audition for an acting gig or get randomly discovered on the street or a shopping mall. The most famous supermodels were young girls who were spotted by talent scouts as they were just minding their own business. Even Oscar winners and Grammy starts had to audition and face rejection at the early stages of their careers. Nowadays, talent emerges in different ways.

The age of the internet and social media has broadened the ways people find talent and stardom. Showing off your skills is now more democratic. Anyone with a camera phone can do it and it doesn’t take a long time to upload it on the web for everyone to see. For singers and actors especially, the road to fame has never been clearer.

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The Rise of Talent Shows

A bit before the time it became popular for wannabe singers and musical acts to perform on channels like YouTube, shows like American Idol made it faster for people with talent to get noticed. A contestant would audition and either make it to Hollywood or not. If they’re good enough they’ll be chosen to sing live on stage where America would vote for them to stay (and potentially win) or not. They may not be entirely self-made superstars (they do have a fleet of musical coaches and stylists to revamp a contestant’s look) but it was the start of finding new ways for singers to be noticed.

DIY Production

If you were a singer who couldn’t join American Idol or other similar themed shows, then the internet was a pretty good contingency plan. It’s even easier than auditioning for those shows. You record yourself singing, upload, and wait for the fans. While you won’t get the instant popularity contestants enjoy on the show, it is a faster and more inexpensive way. Plus, you can record again if you make a mistake. You don’t get to do that on live television. Doing it the YouTube way gives artists the opportunity to show fans who they are. There’s more time for them and most of them use it to that effect.

Just Be Entertaining

There are even celebrities nowadays who don’t really sing, can’t really act, yet they have such a huge following. How come? Well at the end of the day, what matters is how entertaining and relevant you are. There are YouTube stars who even make pranks out of School Supplies. It doesn’t take extraordinary talent to do that, yet they were creative enough to come up with the concept. It’s all about creating content that viewers will enjoy and have never seen before.

Nowadays, it seems easier to become famous. All you need is a good internet connection and a camera phone. But, with so many pseudo-celebrities it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. The secret is to really just come up with programs and content that are unique to you and fun to watch.