Who would have thought it would be so easy to make homemade pesto?

This is what my son said right after he made his first batch of homemade pesto.

Shortly before, he clearly stated that he was the best pesto he had ever tasted! The funny thing is that I was honest. He really doesn’t like to cook, so he was really impressed with what is arguably one of the healthiest green foods that I have always loved to watch children eat.

Pesto is one of those items that I sometimes have to do, or I’m a little lazy – I’m trying to buy it in a store.

I say try, because I can never make a purchase when I see the price. I know that I can make a much larger batch for less, using the highest quality ingredients.

Removing and cleaning the food processor is what prevents my desire, rather than mixing it. This is the fun part, and that is why I am making my son participate. Children love power tools. I must admit that I also love my kitchen utensils. A knife without a blade means cooking is not a pleasure, and although it is true that the best pesto sauce late was slowly ground with a mortar, I usually do not have time for this process.

Pesto sauce

Sifting flour is a classic example. Once in my kitchen there was a 7-year-old girl who sifted flour for almost an hour, and on this day we were not even going to bake anything! I also found that a group of teenagers likes to repeat something like samos. Although I personally rarely have the patience to make dozens that could be devoured if we did them from scratch, teens consider this a great opportunity to speak.

I believe this was before women began working outside the home

They cooked and talked together. They are connected. Food helps us communicate with each other. He binds us to the ground, assuming the ingredients are real, not synthetic, and somehow binds us to himself. Because real food, like all great art, has such a powerful ability to attract us to the present moment. When food looks beautiful, when our bodies recognize the quality of food prepared with love or joy, rather than processed and packaged, we are usually present. At this moment, we feel the connection that we really crave. This desire will never be satisfied with food destined for profit.

For ideas on tried and true recipes, see “Wow! See who cooks” from Chef Barbara Zagata from Santa Barbara Soul Food. This compact collection of only 12 recipes represents the best of the best. Barbara cooked with children for more than 6 years before compiling this collection. These are the most popular recipes for both children and adults.