A simple guide to buy the best washing machine

How to buy a washing machine is a great question that every owner asks once in a lifetime, sometimes even more than once. We are here to answer this simple question with a small contribution of our own, which will help anyone buy the best washing machine.

How big? 

The first question that comes to mind is how big? How big is the family? How big should the load handle? How big will it be, will it fit the space you have allocated?

For an average family of 5-6 people, a 24-inch washing machine is ideal. 

Compact machines can be easily rolled up next to the sink and connected to a water source to wash clothes, and once the work is completed, it can be turned back into a corner. If your family has more members, you will need a larger wasmachine kopen that can wash a load of 5 to 6 kg or more. With a larger payload, you will have to make fewer turns with the machine and thus complete your work faster, saying that you will need to find enough space for it.

As for energy efficiency, energy stars will give you a clearer picture. Our experience says that there are slight differences in consumption. 

wasmachine kopen

Front load or top load 

The best washing machine, according to most, is the design with maximum load. The best downloaders lack some things, but not without their own advantages. We agree that top-loading washers require more water, take longer than front-loading models and, worst of all, require more space. But we cannot ignore the price advantage. Top loaders are cheaper than front loaders. The washer spoils your clothes and makes clothes fun. The speech assistant will take care of the process and inform you about the progress. I-Sensor, Fuzzy Logic and many other advanced features make the top-loading washing machine a good choice.

Front loaders, on the other hand, are fast, efficient and take up much less space. In addition, it allows you to drop some socks and pillowcases, which you cannot imagine with the top loaders. Simply press the pause button and add more load. Since the front-loading washer requires little space, you can add a dryer and still have enough space to move around. The front-loading washer is equipped with an exclusive 6-stroke direct transmission technology that reproduces hand washing and provides clean, fresh clothes without detergent.

Improvements have been made in recent years, and both models have benefited from this. RPM has increased, prices have fallen and manufacturers are making beautiful washing machines almost perfect for the living room!


The best washing machine is one that fits the middle pocket. Washing machines stand out from the rest because it softens the deal with a 10-year warranty on their Direct Drive engines.