Guide To The Various Types Of Solar Batteries

The solar battery is used to convert radiation comes from the sun into electricity. A solar panel is an instrument who help the world to have clean electricity to use and safe to the environment as well. Thus, the solar panel cannot work without the help of solar batteries. Solar batteries are the one that keeps solar panel function and helps to complete all the activities needed by the panel to convert electricity. With the help of solar panel and the battery, people who are using at home the solar panel and other institutions may conserve electricity. The solar battery will be the one to store electricity and at the same time to fully complete the solar panel to work in its proper way. 

Various Types Of Solar Batteries

  • Lead Acid Battery. This one is known as the common automobile batteries that are used with the electrodes and this contains acids. This acid will help the battery to have the activity of composition when charging and discharging. This has the sulfuric acid that really helps the battery to work easily. There are some studies just like the AGM battery that it is being collided with the lead-acid battery, to make the best batteries in town and can use in every solar electric system. There are other brands of batteries today in the market that only last for about 3-5 years. Thus, this lead-acid battery may have a life span for almost 20 years which is an advantage in using this type of battery, especially to those people who want to save a lot of money.

  • Lithium Battery. This lithium battery is more beneficial to use compared to those normal solar batteries in the market. This type of solar battery is popular for its long cycle life than other batteries and also this discharge and charge rates. This only means that it is more powerful than the other types of batteries.
  • Nicad or also known as the Nickel Cadmium. This is one of the alkaline batteries, which has this active material such as the nickel oxide and the negative materials just like cadmium. It is one of the most expensive types of battery and has a 65-80 % of efficiency that great. However, this battery has its hazard if it did not dispose of properly. People need to know how to dispose of this type of battery as cadmium is very dangerous to dispose of. This type of battery is not applicable at home, as professional users only or institution who really know how to use this type of battery can make it possible. This can be used safely by following the rules to use this type of battery.
  • Flow Battery. This type of battery is a water-based solution of the zinc- bromide. It is considered as the best type of battery in every home, as it is more practical to use and safe as well. There are a lot of kinds of this flow battery, including the ZFlow battery which is known as the smallest flow battery. 


Electricity coming from the solar panel produce with the help of solar batteries is another way and the best way to save money in paying bills. This also saves the world from devastating as it has a lesser effect on the environment. It is much safer to use and beneficial as well to the people.