How to Make Your Home Look More Spacious Than It Actually Is

One common problem that most homeowners face is the lack of actual space to move around. There’s just too much stuff but you can’t deny that all of these items are also necessary to daily living. There are a few tricks you can use to improve how you use your home’s space. The most important thing to remember is to keep things organized. That’s the first rule.

For other tips, you can refer to the ones below. Some methods can work for certain spaces, while others might not. 

Invest in space-saving pieces and feature

Ever notice the trending furniture pieces often introduced in a lot of social media websites these days? A chaise lounge can double as a storage area. The bed can become your storage as well. You can keep the bed on the wall and use the space for other things during the day time. These are quite common especially since most homes these days don’t offer that much legroom for all the people in the family. The good thing about these pieces aside from its space-saving features is you can also customize it according to what you need. 

Position your pieces properly

The layout should promote free-flowing traffic. What does this mean? In simpler terms: Try not to block the doorway or the pathway with any piece of furniture or item no matter how important it may be. It’s not worth the hassle.

Make use of glass partitions

To create the illusion that your home is bigger than what it actually is, you can use glass partitions and mirrors. Smartly placing these divisions in the necessary places of the home will make certain areas more functional but it won’t create restrictions since glass is transparent. There are also a variety of glass material types to choose from. These days, it isn’t restricted to commercial establishments. Many homes use glass creatively for a more contemporary vibe.

Keep unnecessary clutter

Always keep your spaces tidy. Most of the time, the reason why you feel like the whole area is constricted is because you have way too many things showing. There is a lot of stuff you don’t even need yet you still keep. And there are items you don’t want to keep, hence, they occupy a lot of space outside. Make it a habit to always clean up. Well-organized spaces also bring you peace of mind. 

Go for minimal elements

Instead of the full-on window treatment, go for window blinds. There are a lot of designs and styles these days. Every homeowner will surely be able to find something suitable for their home. Many modern houses are going for blinds because they don’t consume too much space. And the upkeep is fairly easy if you choose the right material. Instead of using traditional doors, you can use sliding doors to conserve space. 

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Karen H. Mhills

A Full-time mom of three and part-time lifestyle writer. Karen spends her days discovering smart DIY projects and hacks for the home which she shares to others by writing about them at Sites by design. When she’s not busy with her kids, she spends her time finishing her book.