Preparing the House Before Buying a Robot Vacuum

You heard about an intelligent technology that can help you effortlessly clean and maintain the house – robot vacuum cleaners. Robot cleaners are equipped with built-in sensors and cleaning items like bristles and mops for autonomous cleaning. When you look at it closely, robot vacuums are serious time savers since they clean floors automatically.

There are different types of robot vacuum and sometimes iRobot Roomba 980 vs 960 can get confusing. To find the right type suitable for your household needs, you should research and look into the specifications as well as the reviews. At the end of the day, this can help you make an informed decision.

Before purchasing a robot vacuum, you should make sure that your house is prepared for it. Here’s how to prepare the house:

Set up the docking station

The robot vacuum needs to have a docking station so it can function optimally at all times. The docking station will serve as the home base of the vacuum, which means it is the point of origin to triangulate its position in the room. There are even vacuums that allow you to set up many bases for emptying and collecting dustbins.

With this, you have to pick a spot carefully. At the bare minimum, the spot should have plenty of wiggle room so the robot can maneuver when it re-docks for battery charge. Knowing this, you have to check the manufacturer label because it can give you the exact amount of clearance.

Remove tiny hazards

Small and sharp objects are a threat to your robot vacuum. Before turning the vacuum on, you should sweep the area and make sure that there are no tiny hazards present. Remember that these hazards could damage internal vacuum components and it can scratch your flooring, which is an unpleasant sight.

Tidy messy cords

It is time that you focus your attention on your unruly cords. Unruly cords only spell trouble for robot vacuums because the spinning wheels as well brushers often wrap around. To minimize the risk of damaging the internal components, you should organize and secure the cords at the onset.

Avoid water

You know that electronics and water do not mix well. If you let your robot clean wet floors, it can suck up the moisture. It may appear harmless but in the long run, it can seep into the critical sections like circuitry, sensors, and electric motor. With this, your vacuum will suffer irreparable damage.

Leave a light

You must be aware that robot vacuums depend on a main optical sensor to navigate. This means that if there is not enough light, they will have trouble navigating properly. If no one is at home, you can simply open shade or two.

Final thoughts

You can make the most of your robot vacuums if you consider the things mentioned above. You must be aware though that robot vacuums require maintenance. At some point in time, there will be replacement parts like batteries, side brushes, and HEPA filters. It is important that you replace these things to ensure that your robot vacuum continues to function optimally.