The perks of living with an architect

One thing you might notice if you’re probably living with an architect for a parent is that your house is being made into some sort of a practice for new designs, constantly going through Home remodelling from time to time and while this might seem a bit annoying because of all the constant construction always going on, it can be nice to know that your house is sort of an ongoing project as well.

Every new idea for a design, your house will be the first to receive it prior to actual construction, your house is becoming a test facility for designs if it will look good or not. At least with this constant remodelling, you get to come home to a new environment every so often.

Free design

Ah yes, one of the perks of living with an architect is that you don’t need to pay for a draft or design, you get it absolutely free, whether you like it or not. Usually these designs though are quite innovative and you end up liking them and wish that the house wouldn’t be remodelled again anytime soon.

A change of environment every so often

Constant remodelling may well just give you the sensation of coming home to a different house every time remodelling happens, which means you always get a fresh looking house which you will never get tired of coming home to, think of your house as an ongoing renovation project which will never be finished, but hey you don’t need to worry about the house looking old.

Living with an architect has its perks, you get to have your house remodelled every so often without even needing to pay for it. While your house may seem like a test subject, at least you are sure that you are getting new and innovative remodelling done as well as your house always looks new inside and out.