Understanding Home pet Sitting

Pet sitting is one of the best services in the pet sitting industry; There is a growing market for pet sitters who can drive directly to the client’s house and take sitting of the client’s pets in the house.

This arrangement is not only convenient for customers; pet behavior experts also agree that if you leave the dog, cat or chinchilla in the sitting of another person, not its owner, it is best to avoid transporting the pet. Keeping a pet in its original range reduces the overall stress associated with separation from the original owner.

As you know, petsexperience different levels of stress every day. Pet that their owners house & pet sitting in Australia about have significantly lower levels of stress than petsthat their owners rarely play or train.

A knowledgeable nanny knows how to handle various petsand be able to provide the same happy and stress-free environment as the owners.

What do customers expect from professional guardians? Here are some internal pet tasks:

1- If the client’s pet is to be vaccinated or vaccinated on the day the nanny arrives, the client may ask him to accompany her to the vet.

  1. The nanny must deliver toys and special treats that the pet is used to receiving. Of course, such toys and special accessories are provided by the customer.

3- You must not allow the pet to enter locked or forbidden rooms in the client’s house.

4- Some customers may also request light irrigation of indoor or outdoor plants.

house & pet sitting in Australia

5- If the pet has an “accident” in the house, the nanny should clean up after the pet and properly dispose of pet waste. The nanny should ask the client about plastic bags and other necessary cleaning products.

  1. If the pet is in a cage, the nanny is expected to keep the cage hygienic during her stay in the house. If the client intends to leave for a few days and the nanny is hired for such a period of time, the nanny should repeat the cleaning process if necessary.
  1. If the client has one or more dogs, the nanny can be asked to walk one or all dogs. Not all customers have straps, so it is advisable to bring their own straps to the client’s house. Confirm with the client how many dogs to walk and whether the client has leashes available.
  1. It is expected that the nanny will do everything in his power to make the pet feel comfortable in his presence in the house. Sitters must have extensive knowledge of typical pet behavior. They should be able to distinguish between a dog that barks at emotions and a dog that barks at fear or aggression.