The Law Firm Whom Will Help You In Your Difficult Times

Understandably, no two families are the same and no two separations are the same, that is why the company offers you the fresh approach to family law.

Finding help during difficult times

When relationships break down, you wanted someone to be with on your side. From confusion to order, the Umbrella Family Law family lawyers in Melbourne will always be there for you. The firm helping clients deal with all of their post-separation issues, from the personal to the legal. The firm can help you with extensive experience in all areas of family law:

  • The settlement of property
  • When it comes to Children’s matters
  • The Relocation including internationally
  • Collaboration
  • The Prosecution
  • Violence inside the family
  • Support for the child
  • The Divorce
  • And even same-sex relationships

The firm also assists you with the day to day questions like where to live, how will you manage your money, etc. with the network of trusted colleagues.

Why work with the firm?

The firm understands that there are no two families that are the same ad no two separations are the same. You know your family, and the firm knows the family law. The best family lawyers in Australia will assist you to create a new life that will accommodate your whole family as it grows from one household to two. You can contact the firm and talk about the options of moving forward and also in arranging your fixed-fee initial consultation. The firm will let you know what information to gather, what you need to think about and then create a path that works for you, driving towards a binding result with your other half. Lawyers joined forces not just because of wanting to do more than just provide you with legal advice but also to help you set up with new life. Lawyers believe that every law firm should have compassion, integrity, and personality. The firm has dedicated and experienced lawyers who work exclusively in family law for more than thirty years of experience. Addressing the present-day needs of the clients, the firm knows the legal profession is evolving, and at the forefront of new methods such as collaborative practice.

The approach that the firm uses

Depending on the client’s needs, the firm offers a variety of legal services including:

  • Guides you to have a direct discussion with your partner
  • Supports you while you work with a mediator
  • Through a letter or around the table, clients and lawyers will negotiate with your spouse or accomplice or their legal advisor
  • Practice collaborating
  • Running and preparing a matter in court

The Collaborative Practice

If you are separating amicably, a collaborative practice might be the right one for you. The firm’s lawyer, as well as your partner or husband’s lawyer, will work together along with psychologist to understand your interests and goals.  The firm is serving all South East right down the bay to  Frankston and Mornington Peninsula.