A deep appreciation for kitchen tools and food

You know what is universal? Hunger and food! You can say religion, English, clothes and whatever it is that we can discuss all day. The fact of the matter is that as humans we all go hungry and if we’re hungry we eat! Whatever country you are, religion, race, language, expertise and etc. you will be hungry and your instinct will always tell you to eat.

It’s not just in our nature but because our biological structure relies on food to keep us going. Give power; keep our focus and much more. Food is life and that is a fact. You know what else is a fact? Evolution, an evolution of man from being savages to civilized. We no longer live in caves, we live in houses, not all of us hunt food, most of us buy food, we no longer wear fur as underwear, we got great underwear’s sold in department stores and we have the internet! One of the things that make us civilized is because of our food preparation and how we eat.


We are past the time: where every one of us will go on hunting. We have jobs now, the world is more complicated and its run by money in which whatwe use to buy our food. Too civilized even that almost all of us don’t even know how to hunt for food anymore.

Food: Do you know what makes us civilized when it comes to food? Food preparation, the art of preparing food.Grill, bake, stew, soup, stir-fry, fry and, much more. All of these things were possible because we have these cooking skills and cooking techniques with the help of

Kitchenwares and modern knives. We slice or meat, we chop our vegetables, we crush our pepper, we measure our flour, we temper our chocolate, we marinate our meat, we deep-fry our chicken, we drizzle our waffles with honey and we slice our pizza with eyes closed. All of those things that we do we did it with either a knife or a kitchenware or both.

Celebrating food: There is no better way to celebrate food than preparing it in a special way. We always have that secret family recipe that we always unleash during birthdays and holidays.

Do you think your mother or your grandma is able to pull those off without the help of their knives and kitchenwares? That’s right, so take a moment and think that people that made all that possible and invented the things that make cooking possible (whoever they are).