Best self-defence method

Safety of women is priority and major concern in many parts of the world. Rape is known to be the one of the common crime in many countries. Hence, adopting the self-defence techniques is the most important aspect. Whether you learn karate or kick boxing, or adopt instant remedies such as Pepper spray or slack gun; one must know how to protect themselves at the time of danger. Thus, many companies have come up with the techniques such asĀ  key chain pepper sprays and even mobile guns. These may not protect you completely, but will help the victim buy some time. The attacker will get temporarily distracted or fall in pain, which will help you get help or escape from the situation. Among all the techniques, the best self-defence pepper sprays will help you at the span of moment.

Learn more about pepper sprays

Learn more about pepper sprays:

This, spray is most used by police in crowd control and even, as a self-defence method by women. In the adverse situations, the person who is attacked by the spray, may lose vision and be affected with inflammatory conditions. The pepper spray is considered as one of the strongest self-defence techniques and provides opportunities to escape. Although, it is not lethal, in rare cases it might turn deadly. The best self-defence sprays are direct extraction of hottest chillies available in the world.

How to ensure your pepper spray works?

The pepper sprays may get clogged and not work, if they are not maintained properly. Hence, adapt the habit of testing your spray once in three months. Remember to not try spraying it in closed rooms or less ventilated place. The smell of the pepper spray is very pungent, and hence may cause suffocation even to the residents of the place. Try using it in open spaces. Determine the direction of air flow, before you press the hook of the pepper spray. Stand on the upwind side, in order to avoid the effect of spray. Depress the firing mechanism for half second. This test should also be made upon purchase of the spray. Remember, to not waste the contents in the spray in the trial and error process.