How To Buy Gift Cards For Less Than They Are Worth

Gift cards are one of the most loved gifts of all time. People could avoid disappointment by giving something the recipient does not want. The receiver could pick out the item based on his or her preference. Giving a gift card ensures that both the giver and the receiver are content. Most people pay the full price for gift cards. They are not aware that they could get those cards for a lower price. There are several ways on how or where to buy them.

Use your rewards points.

There are credit cards that allow you to cash in your rewards points for gift cards. You only have to log in to your account to check what is available in the rewards catalog. The catalog changes at times, so you better check that out and find out if the gift card you want is on sale. If you cannot find the gift card you want in the catalog, you can use your credit card to buy a discounted gift card. It will let you get an extra 3-6% cashback on your purchased gift card. Some credit cards offer extra rewards when you shop at certain places. Shop at grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations where you can get rewards so you can save more.

Take advantage of holiday bonuses.

Most stores, restaurants, and other establishments offer gift card promotions around the holidays. They offer discounts or an extra gift card with a lower face value. Some will give you an added $5 gift card when you buy a $20 gift card. There are radio advertisements, in-store signage, and posters that announce such promotions. You can find these promotions in the Christmas season. These are also available on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other national holidays.

Look for gift card discounters.

Several websites buy unwanted gift cards and sell them at a discounted price of about 30% off. Gift Card Granny and are some of those websites. They also run a sale when they get too many cards for a specific store. You can set the notifications for a particular store so you will get alerts when they get new cards in stock. You can also receive an announcement when they decide to run a sale. It would be best if you acted at once because they often run out of cards fast.

Online Shopping With Visa Gift Cards

Check out the daily deal websites.

You can check the daily deal websites if you need a Visa gift card for a local business. Their inventory of local gift vouchers is always changing. You can usually buy those vouchers for half of their face value. There are deals for area restaurants and clothing stores. You could also find coupons for performances, trips, and a lot more. One of the daily deal sites worth checking out for is Groupon. You may want to check out and, too.

Buy gift cards from a warehouse store.

Costco and Sam’s Club sell gift cards for about 15-20% less than their face value. Being a member will let you get cheap gift cards for iTunes, Google Play, and Regal Cinemas. You can also get some for Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, AMC Theatres, and other popular brands. You can even order them online if you have no time to run to the store.

Bulk buying will let you save money.

Some stores display gift cards in bulk packs. They often sell those for less than the total value of all the cards. Buying in bulk is a great deal if you plan to give the same gift to several people. You can also enjoy these cards if you shop at a particular store often. Some stores offer promotions where you can earn fuel points or other rewards. You can only claim those when you buy specific cards. You can save up when you know you will spend money at a particular store.

Taking advantage of discounts and promotions is a wise decision. They are not always available. It would be best if you pay attention to advertisements and signs. Seize the opportunity and save more.