The Best Pepper Spray for Women

Pepper spray is turning out to be the best option forself-defence for not only women but to anyone who may face danger. You may feel safe and secure being in the big city. But bigger the city more is the number of criminals as well.

You never know when they you will encounter them. You may be followed late at night and attacked, or while you jog during early mornings. Hence, carrying a pepper spray will keep you safe from the goons. The strength and effect of a pepper spray are so intense that it instantly induces irritation in the face, tears, burning sensation in nose, throat, and lungs. Its power can even disarm a muscular, tall man.

Usually, the problems are faced by women as muggers think that they are physically weak and easy to rob them. Hence, there are manufacturers who exclusively produce women’s pepper spray. PepperFace is one of the top producers of women’s pepper spray. It has got many exclusive features and is one of a kind of pepper spray. It is suggested that you buying the PepperFace spray because of the following reasons:

producers of women’s pepper spray

Usually, majority of women don’t carry pepper spray along with them because the spray cans are big or large to hold and carry making it inconvenient to handle. PepperFacespray is compact, lightweight, and sleek which can result in a very comfortable portable product. It is so tiny that you can fit it in a handbag, purse, tag with keychain, or even carry in your hand while you’re on the walk or run.

Apart from it, these pepper sprays are fashion-customized. It’s marketed with as many as in 9 disparate colors and ornamented with real Swarovski crystals to produce 14 different sprays. The company also accepts the orders for customization to give your own choice of spray crafted with Swarovski Crystals. PepperFace has reached the hands of many superstar celebrities and it’s enough to assure you that you are ‘safe and secure’ if you have PepperFace pepper spray.

The benefits of opting PepperFace is, it gives you water-based test spray to check out how to use the actual spray. This spray shoots out horizontally, unlike traditional vertical sprays, in order to preclude you from bursting it on yourself.

Decisively, PepperFacesells pepper spray and equally implies on raising the awareness of violence against the women and coming up with active defence methods against the assaults.