Which Is Better, Get free Instagram Likes: Hidden Or Visible

When they say, Instagram Life of a person is far different from the real-life of a person; there are several hidden things behind it. In today’s world, everyone tends to portray through their Instagram handles that they are all leading happening lives. This is the reason; researchers believe that Instagram is one of the reasons affecting the mental health of its users.

Recently, Instagram officials told that they might hide the likes count from the app. What has made Instagram think of this? As Instagram is supposedly believed to start affecting mental health, they are putting efforts to make changes in the app.

While Instagram is busy butting its effort to prioritize mental health, we discuss how Instagram likes to affect the mental health of the user.

Many Likes: Inspiration

This may not sound true, but many people get inspired to post things due to their increased number of likes. When a person posts something and successfully gets a high number of like, he/she is tempted to post more often. They validate them and make them feel good about themselves. It makes them feel that their picture or words do matter and people have started liking them. This inspires them to click more pictures and post them or writing more pieces and posts them.

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Thus, several people had reportedly felt more confident when they started to receive several likes on their Instagram posts.

Many Likes: Temptation For More Likes

While a huge number to get free Instagram likes may seem confident, it has some negative impacts too. Once a person realizes they are getting more likes, they start to spend more and more time in search of the next ‘perfect’ post. A lot of their time is spent in finding or editing or doing their best in the hunger of getting a high number of likes again.

The main problem occurs when they fail to achieve the target of a high number of likes. Anxiety starts to creep, and they start to overthink. They think of all the possible reasons on how can they improve and where the post failed to achieve the Instagram likes. Thus, they start living a life that only makes them think of the likes and how to achieve them.

Thus, like each coin has two sides, Instagram Likes have different impacts on different people. But the number of tests conducted to check the pressure of receiving likes show that a large section of people would be happy if the likes weren’t there. Meanwhile, we can only hope Instagram to make changes that would surely be overall mental health-friendly.