A Match Made in Science

dating apps

     Advances in communications and technology have made the smartphone an indispensable  part of everyday life for everyone. Science has made this success possible. And now science is doing something about how we choose our mates. Science has come to dating. Now when I say “dating” it does not simply mean going online and joining a dating site, I meant science is now looking at how we choose our dates via computers, algorithms, and mathematics. Science wants a formula, a recipe for how we choose to love.  Let us take a look at some interesting scientific facts behind the driving force in the proliferation of dating apps, dating sites, and programs.

Screen Names

     Interestingly enough, research shows that people whose screen names started with letters in the first half of the alphabet get better responses to their profiles. And no one knows a clear reasoning behind this. But get this, the effect is as strong as posting an attractive photo. In line with this information, it was also found out that people whose names start with letters early in the alphabet tend to have more education and higher incomes. Some have speculated that it is only on how search results are displayed. Whatever it is, this fact is out there.

Funny Bone

     Another interesting tidbit is that just saying you are funny will not work as well as actually writing funny and witty one-liners in your profile. The profile that attracts the most favorable responses would be those that give information about your character and what you want in a partner. According to the research, this would be the best chance that you will find the people that you are really after.

dating apps

Reaching out

     Do not indiscriminately wink or swipe away but rather send direct messages to people that you like. Do not write long essay type letter nor be an opinionated guy. People’s need to feel special is directly related to this. Send the person you are interested in a direct message that is short and succinct. Keeping it short and simple will almost work all the time while trying to appear as perfect as possible will actually backfire and hurt your efforts. If you are in a situation where a webcam would be used, sit up straight and smile, and your conversation will follow accordingly.

     The good news is that the person who did the research has been in a long-term relationship now. These strategies seem to have worked for him and it would be safe to assume that it would work for you too.