Evolution of business, from flyers to apps

Innovation and evolution is constantly present and that is very obvious with the technology we now have. Having the access to almost anything, anytime all inside our pockets, or our hands… the mobile phone. The mobile phone is one of the greatest innovations known to man, among other great innovations. We literally have access to anything that can be found online with a touch of our fingertips.

That is one (if not the only) reason why more and more businesses are turning over from the traditional way of advertising like leaflets, ads and billboards to the realm of the mobile phone. This gives them greater access to people, especially their target market. Some even optimize their websites to cater to the mobile market and some have resorted to creating apps with the help of a trusted mobile application development company. Let’s face it, these mobile apps really… come in handy.

mobile app development company

How your business will improve with the mobile app

For starters, you will have far greater reach than let’s say having a billboard sign. Anyone who has access to the internet can check your website or download your app. This will also give your customers a sense of convenience.

It lets you show more value to your customers

Let’s say you want to have a promo or sale, you can incorporate your app to the promo by    giving out points to customers with the app for every purchase they get. These accumulated points will then give them big discounts on other products they want to buy, when they want to buy it. It’s like giving back to them, showing that you care for them. Business is after all, is all about give and take.

Easier connection with customers

Your customers don’t need to go to your physical store for customer service anymore; they can have access to it anytime they want. Aside from that, they don’t need to talk to a customer  service rep that has just probably broken up with his or her S/O and isn’t really in the mood for helping, so that saves your business from possible bad reviews, whew.

Expanding profit

Your market will be much greater compared to when you only had a website. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to update your website, you still have to. This just means that while you’re still getting revenue from your website, you are also getting revenue from the ones that prefer to use your app.

In the end, your profit and reach will be much greater than when you didn’t have an app.      Getting an app entitles you to far better reach than when you just had a website to run, of course it can be quite a task to maintain both the website and the app but it will be all worth it in the long run.