The best way to sell yourself!

Picture this, you are a small business but want to open up a website in order to reach your customers in your area, but the problem is, you don’t know how to make a website. The Internet is an essential in everybody’s life. Teenagers will die without the internet. People order their stuff, even food, from the internet. You think that you should also go with the flow,web designer swansea will be here to help you with your concerns.

They are able to handle making a website using the WordPress web design. They are experts and if you visit their website, you will see their marvelous works. The image is always the key, so they make sure that your website can pull in your customers because of how engaging it is. You can get a high-quality business website for a very affordable price, truly the best!

 Small Business Light Website Design Package

If you are handling a local business like a parlour, bakery, etc. and you want a modern looking website that will be able to give you a great opportunity to expand your service or business, then this type of package is perfect for you! With only £395.00, you can already have the basic website with 4 pages which are the Home, Contact, About and Services. This is perfect especially for new business owners that want to start from the bottom.

Business Pro Website Design Package

For a price of £595.00, it already contains all the features that they offer for the small business package plus other cool stuff! You can add custom designed pages where you can get more hands on because you can edit the images and text to your heart’s desire. You can also add a blog for your visitors to check out. There are many other add-ons and you’ll surely love this package because it almost has everything!

The E-Commerce Website Design Package

If you want to go all out because you know that your business is going up and you are having lots of customers since then, maybe you would like to add a shopping cart and a check out system feature. Because if you are, this package is the perfect one for you! For a price of £795.00, you already have all the features of a business pro package and the new feature like a shopping cart and check out system which allows you to sell your products online. This makes it easier for you customers especially if they live far from you. Feel like a top brand (think Forever21 or H&M) with this package and you are good to go.

Are you looking for a way to be noticed by the millennials but by doing so, you’ll need a very nice website to encourage your target customers to visit your site. You don’t have to worry about that because the guys from web design valley will be more than happy to help you out.