Vibration Mounts And Their Uses

Heavy machinery and engines of vehicles produce a lot of noise and vibration when they are working because they contain a lot of moving parts. The process of absorbing this vibration and noise is known as vibration isolation. Vibration isolation is very important as it absorbs the force emitted by these machines and engines and aids in the smooth functioning of these engines and machines. It also improves the working conditions in factories and industries thereby increasing the productivity. The vibration mounts are attached to these machines and engines in order to absorb the energy they generate while working, this reduces the vibration and noise coming from them. The vibration mounts come in many shapes and types to service various industries like the compressors in HVAC systems, generators, heavy and light machinery and equipment in factories and workshops and Marine Vibration Mounts For Diesel Engines, Motors, And Other Applications and cooling towers.

Marine Vibration Mounts

Marine diesel and motor engines cause a lot of noise and vibration when they are switched off or on, due to the process of internal combustion and also the hull of the boat produces a lot of vibration when it is moving. When these marine vessels are fitted with Marine Vibration Mounts For Diesel Engines, Motors, And Other Applications, they absorb all the shock and energy coming from the marine engines, compressors, motors, generators and pumps. These vibration mounts control the vibration in three axes and fitted with a robust fail stop that is effective and strong in absorbing all the shock and vibration of these vessels. Isolation tech manufactures these vibration mounts to suit the requirements of different types of vessels. They customize and design to suit individual requirements of the clients.

Novibra vibration mounts are most suitable for marine applications. They are available in two versions namely Type RA and Type RAEM.

  • Novibra Type RA mounts are suitable for vibration and noise isolation from engines and machines which have rotating movements like fans, industrial and marine generator sets, converters and combustion engines. These mounts are made using rubber and are corrosion protected. They can be effectively used in land and marine environments with arduous situations. They have dome shaped covers to protect them from oil contamination.
  • Novibra Type RAEM mounts can be used in m achiness with rotating movements like refiners, compressors, combusting engines and industrial and marine generator sets. It offers very effective isolation and is suitable for all types of heavy and light machinery. These products provide isolation up to 85 % to 95% and also work well with machines of low frequency. The stronger base metal used in these mounts absorbs even heavy shocks effectively without any deformation. It has a domed shaped cover to protect from oil contamination.

Vibration and noise control is an important task in many industrial and factory applications.

It is also applicable in marine application to absorb the vibration and shock emitted by the hull, combustion engines and generator sets. When the vessels are fitted with these vibration control mounts they make they create a pleasant environment for the occupants of the vessel and the workers on it.