Why the hunger for messaging apps?

The paradigm shift of users from public social media usage to private messaging has been observed to be rapidly changing. Perhaps, the factors for such sudden migration can be the cheap data prices, better user friendly features and options etc. Also, one of the many reasons for the switching is the desire for privacy and secure communication. In a world full of surveillances, perhaps people have slowly realised the importance of privacy and more people are actually interested in privately communicating more than broadcasting about themselves. Chat apps are the new solution for such desire of the people, brands and companies, marketers to address the need of the people and the customers. Chat apps are the new social media which allows customers to use social medias in a more private and secure end to end conversations.

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Some examples of chat apps that are already dominating the social media are such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Wechat, Line, Viber. Instagram DM services etc. They are typically an improvised social media where one can send pictures, videos, messages, gps locations, documents etc privately and securely without the third party involving in the end of your personal messages. Also these app features allows you to use them beyond your national boundaries without you having to apply for extra plans. As long as you have internet connections and wifi, these apps allows you access all its features easily which has become very convenient for the people.

Another reason for the fuss on the use of chat apps is the marketers competing to reach the people privately to advertise their products and brands. Marketers use these apps as an effective channel for marketing and providing services to their customers.

Openly broadcasting your information, insecure conversations, untapped flows of data can lead to unwanted hackings, breaching of information and data which can be sensitive and vital for any person or business organisations. So if you are new to such new services,try using any of the apps mentioned above and enjoy the services which will make your digital life more easier and secure.