How To Bring Your Partner Or Family To Australia

There are different ways for people wanting to migrate to Australia to join their family. They can stay for permanent or temporary. An Australian citizen can let his or her family join him or her. So can a permanent resident of Australia. This includes their children and parents. As well as other family members. They need to apply for migration and may need proper visa. How you bring your partner or family over to join you depends on whether you are a visa holder or not. And which visa you have.

Australian citizens or permanent residents inviting family

1. Identify if it is for temporary stay or permanent stay.

2. Check which visa fits their intention. You can ask family and partner visa specialists for help on this.

Visa holders

1. Identify if it is for temporary stay or permanent stay.

2. Confirm if your visa allows later entrant. Also reaffirm that you declared before the members of your family.

3. They need to apply for a visa if your visa does not allow later entrants. The visa they need depends on their intention.

family and partner visa specialists

Returning Australian bringing overseas-born family

1. You need to apply for Australian citizenship by descent on the child’s behalf. This will allow the child to get an Australian passport. You can apply for an Australian passport on the child’s behalf. This is after the approval of their citizenship application. If not, the child needs a visa to enter Australia.

2. Your partner needs a visa. And so are your other family or relatives.

3. Make sure to get the right visa based on their intention.

Different types of migration

Here are migration options you should consider.

  • Partner and spouse migration

You can migrate to Australia under partner migration. This is if you are the spouse or prospective spouse of an Australian citizen. Or Australian permanent resident. An interdependent partner also counts.

  • Child migration

Children can migrate to Australia under child migration. This is if an Australian citizen has a dependent child. An orphan relative also counts. As well as an adopted child. A child of an Australian permanent resident falls under this, too.

  • Parent migration

Parents can also migrate to Australia. This is if they have a child in Australia who is an Australian citizen. Or an Australian permanent resident.

  • Other family migration

Other family or relatives can also migrate under other family migration. This exists for an Australian citizens’ aged dependent relatives. As well as their remaining relatives. And their carers, too. It also applies for the relatives of permanent residents of Australia.

It is natural that we would like to have our family with us. Check your options and make sure to follow the necessary steps. Who would not want to enjoy with their family, right?