Present Your Technology Product in a Forum That Makes it Easy to Promote

If you wish to promote your technology product or service in Bangkok, you will want to invite peers and customers to presentations at a brick-and-mortar location. This is important as you want to emphasize face-to-face contact as well as promotions online.

How to Get Your Message Across to a Larger Audience

You can find an auditorium in Bangkok that will make your presentations easier and allow you to increase your presence locally and globally. Locate a campus in Sukhumvit in Bangkok that will permit you to use state-of-the-art technology to discuss your product or service and network with people in your field.

Prepare for the Future by Using the Right Meeting Space

Today in Bangkok, planners and developers features sites where tech events can be held in a contemporary and tech-friendly environment. Event spaces come in various forms and designs. However, to enjoy the full benefit of this type of site, take a look at the auditorium space. You can rent a fully furnished modern space that displays two tiers for your product and service presentations. All space in an event venue such as this comes with a preparation room, free WiFi, and wheelchair accessibility.

Some of the Amenities That You Can Use

Presenters can access an LCD projector, flipcharts, and an in-house lighting and sound system. The site also includes an LED TV and plenty of water to drink. This type of event space holds as many as 400+ people and makes it possible for you to hold lectures and training sessions. Just imagine unveiling your new product or service in this type of digital facility. This is the type of accommodation that will give you plenty of reason to boast.

Because of the auditorium’s multi-tier design, your guests will be able to easily see what you are presenting. You can also use the same venue to host a press conference about your company and its product or service line. This type of modern facility in Bangkok makes it possible for you to get the word out about your business in a professional and enlightening way.

Do You Need Some Extra Space for a Breakout Area?

If you need a smaller space to use in addition to the auditorium, you might think about inquiring about renting a foyer space with an open platform for various types of events. This type of event space is ideal if you want to hold discussions, arrange client meetings, or use the space as a breakout area. You can easily hold 200 people in this setting that is both casual and relaxed.

Do you want a less formalized setting for your presentation? If so, you might think of renting a townhall-designed space that replicates a small stadium. This type of space is meant for businesses that wish to conduct information meetings, presentations, or group discussions. The open floor plan and free-form space features an LCD projector and all the amenities, such as audio and lighting, that will help you present your products and services with finesse and ease.