Should You Rent a Studio Apartment for Your Holiday?

Studio Apartment

Many people balk at the idea of renting entire apartments for their holidays but if you actually look at the basics, you will realize that studio apartments are actually not that bad of an idea. When it comes to renting a place to stay in popular destinations such as Patong, there are several options that are available to you. For starters, you have the hostels and the bed-and-breakfasts.

These are cheap locations where you can get a place to sleep at a very nominal price. Then you have the hotels. Ranging from cheap hotels all the way to five-star enterprises, it all depends on how much money you are willing to pay. However, one thing remains standard in all hotels: you are confined to a room.

It can be a big room or a small room and the decorations can vary drastically but at the end of the day, it’s just a room. If you are staying in Patong for a few weeks at least, you might want to think about renting a studio apartment, which will give you freedom to move about easily. Here are just a few reasons why renting a studio apartment is a great idea.

Studio Apartment


At the end of the day, it’s all about the space that’s available to you. For roughly the same price, you can either opt for a studio apartment rental or you can book a room at a hotel. The differences are obvious: with the former, you get an entire apartment to yourself. Sleep in the bedroom and lounge around before the TV without having to be confined to the bed. Go to the kitchen and make all kinds of food that you want! There’s absolute freedom available at all times! Patong studio apartments are very well designed and located in major areas throughout the district so it’s not as if you will be staying very far away either.


As mentioned above, pricing isn’t really a problem when you start comparing hotels and rental studio apartments together. Both are roughly the same price but the major benefit here is that you don’t need to worry about any extra or hidden charges that are often levied by hotels. Take something out of the minibar and you will be charged triple its cost at a local hotel. However, in studio apartments, you don’t need to worry about additional charges at all. It’s convenient and quite easy to book one as well.

All you have to do is to check online for different studio apartments that are available for people who are travelling to Patong on holiday. Then you can check the pictures of the apartment in order to get a better idea about how well the place looks and whether it’s a suitable choice or not. These are just a few simple things that you need to keep in mind when renting a studio apartment for your holiday in Patong.