The idea of ​​going to the unknown, armed only with a toothbrush and a passport can be attractive to some, but it could be enough to make the desire to go there to other. This can be a big challenge for some travelers to leave behind what might seem like an essential item; others fear dropping a suitcase filled with an arsenal of equipment for every eventuality. What is your type: small luggage or big suitcase?


While we understand that travelers have their personal preferences, we are leaning towards the option of traveling light. In addition to allowing you to get to your downtown hotel room as if you were part of the jetset, there are many benefits you can take from leaving some things behind. Some of the best reasons to travel light are:

  • Faster records (no baggage claim!)
  • Greater ease of travel by taxi, on foot, etc.
  • More economical (no charge for luggage)
  • No incidents of lost baggage (unless of course you lose your own bag)
  • Less tiring to transport
  • Gives you more freedom to go on an adventure or take the less traveled paths
  • Simplify your travel – essential and effective items only

Once you have made the decision to travel light, you can book your hotel room in downtown Montreal and hit the road! But first let’s look at some of the features of the best bags and backpacks you can use today.

According to frequent Travel Blogger, first kind of luggage you will want to have is a travel bag. These easy-to-carry luggage is great for lugging all your essentials when you’re on your way. They’re smaller and lighter than your hand luggage – think of a cross between a backpack and a purse. A good travel bag should be small and light; it can even take place in your hand luggage. While your carry-on will be able to stay in your affordable hotel suite you’ll find that a travel bag can easily carry your daily essentials anywhere in town while giving you space for a purchase or two. If you are looking for fantastic travel bags, try the size of some of these brands:


Eagle creek




A note about hand luggage

Your hand luggage will remain small and easily transportable, and will meet international and domestic size standards. Note that the allowed dimensions are different for international flights – usually smaller. Once you have arrived at your hotel suite in downtown, you can use your travel bag. Good carry-on luggage will have some flexibility (a bag that is too rigid may be difficult to store in the luggage compartment of an airplane). If you want a hard-shell hand luggage, make sure you know the exact size limits and keep your belongings within these limits. Here are some suggestions from reputable hand luggage manufacturers:

  • Bric’s
  • Tumi
  • Samsonite
  • Osprey
  • Victorinox
  • Delsey
  • Swiss Gear